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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Transfomers Movie Promo in HBO

This is my 3rd year 2nd term project for Advance Motion Graphics. is it a group project, so the requirement is choose a movie to promo 30sec, so we choose Transformers. The concept is starts with the space of transformers language and target on the root of All Spark. after that camera zoom out from the All Spark and explode with light to make the machine start works. the camera still zooming out, and saw the eye of Transformers and the title.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Motion Graphics - Cherish Life

My motion graphic is wan to speaking up for cherish life. My motion graphic art style is base on vector silhouette. It have 4 part.

The first part is about the dinosaurs, I added some text is because end of the Cretaceous Period is around 65 million years ago, I apply the dinosaur scene with blur color is because at the time is without any light, and also can represent in the night time.

The second part is about reborn after the first scene, and bring to jungle scene and I also use green color to represent the nature feel, I’m trying to use butterfly to help me change the next scene.

The third part is classic time, I put yellow color is want try to create the old feeling and I also try to use a old classic car to help me change the scene and the next scene is change to modern scene. There will be a 3D Lamborghini sport car is because I want to say from the old car change to a new modern sport car, and from old town change to modern city. When showing the modern scene it will slowing change the mood to orange, and have some flame effect at the background when the factory show out, is want to show then the factory a lot is a part of increasing the temperature of the weather. I was using the fighter jet to change to scene is because next scene I will show the war scene.

The fourth part is want to the war scene. I put red color is want to show the blood, horror, feel. And I also put some blood texture at the background. So the scene will have shooting and explosion scene. I also try to make a lot of sound effect to create the messy feeling and during explosion the camera will have shaking and blur is want so let the audient have some same feeling during the war.

At the ending part I put the main message is cherish life, I put the message meaning is the time is moving forward. Every things is changing, we need to cherish our life, cherish every things that what we having now.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Friday, October 23, 2009

Motion Graphics


Short StoryBoard

I'm trying to do my motion graphic about "Evolution", from dinosaur world until the end of the world.

Message meaning : Our world only one, which century that you want to stay ?
is your choice...

Message : (not confirm yet)

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Web Design 2 : Redesign Commercial Website

Finally Done...

When post to web.. it is some thing different... why... T_T

Fire Fox cant support...

IE comes out side scrollbar and bottom scrollbar.. X_X
and i have added music... but dun know why at web didnt show out.. >.<"
at pc open the file.. it won't have scrollbar.. and have music....

Monday, June 8, 2009

Idea develop...

This time i added shadow to make it look like have layers..
and background put a gradient colour..